Tools, Not Toys

We make HiSight™, a rugged, autonomous SUAV (Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) system for corporate data collection and kinetic tasks.

Construction Turbine Miners

Globalised Problem Solving

HiSight™ has been designed for fleet management, empowering local operators and senior management alike, making it ideal for global operations.


The HiSight™ is an open-architecture system, capable of being reconfigured and repurposed on the fly for an endless range of solutions.

Cost Reduction

HiSight™ avoids the need for costly external pilots and analytics providers and can instead be deployed by your own employees with minimal training.


Our products handle challenging environments from British weather to African Mining sites. They keep workers out of harms way.


H Robotics works closely with clients to meet their ever changing needs.

A Three Part Suite

The HiSight™ system consists of 3 core elements, each of which expand the possibilities of what can be accomplished


Ground Control Station (GCS)

The versatile, lightweight (31 kg) workstation that connects the user, the SUAV, and the data collected in the FlightCloud™. Intuitive yet powerful, the GCS can be used with a wide range of devices and sensors.

HiSight Front


The HiSight™ is our rugged, autonomous aerial intelligence device. The extreme resilience and modularity of our drone, enabling it to provide a range of solutions across many environments, makes it an ideal tool for data collection and digitisation.



The Flightcloud is the secure, globally accessible space where your data is stored as it's gathered, enabling you to gain live insights from the HiSight™ system, wherever you are. The data always belongs to the client and the Flightcloud let you choose the way you want to see it and receive it.

One Box. Endless solutions.

The HiSight™ can be reconfigured for almost any purpose, but frequent industry customers include:


Inventory / volumetric analysis / security / tailings dam assessments / slope stability analysis

Oil & Gas

Corrosion analysis / safety inspections / automated pipeline security


Surveying / grading / project planning / orthomosaics


Before and after comparisons / inspections / 3D scans (1cm/pixel) / VR goggles

Public Safety

Crowd control / augment helicopters / border management / evidence trails

Wind Farms

Inspections / crack analysis / verification


We are keen to connect with clients who have ideas about how to use drone technology to help their company. If you have an idea you wish to discuss, please get in touch.

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