Page 10 - H Robotics 2019 Brochure
P. 10

● One Box. Multiple drones. Multiple configurations
● Endless tasks
● Eliminates the need for external photogrammetry
analytics and costly additional skill-sets or equipment
● A global operating system for digitizing assets
● Secures and ensures the integrity of client data at no
extra cost
● Specifically designed for enterprise use
● Modular design means clients can quickly configure
with the hardware and software needed to solve
diverse ongoing and new problems
● Fully autonomous
● Expert eyes on site
● Designed for and tested in British weather and on African mining sites
● Piloting experience not required
● H Robotics is devoted to client relationships and
supports ongoing creative problem-solving across
multiple sectors and industries
● A real-time management collaboration tool via smart
devices, desktops or VR Goggles
● Before/After comparisons in a searchable library
● See your assets and analytics anywhere, anytime via
smart devices
● A filing, storage and data management system offering
analytics in a few clicks
● Permission flights, operators and points of data access
from the field to the boardroom
● Rugged in carriage, robust in operation
● Tools not toys 10

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