Page 12 - H Robotics 2019 Brochure
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  Standard Configuration
Standard Configuration
Flight time up to 40 minutes
40 minutes in up to 25 knots + gusting winds
Thrust 3900g/rotor at sea level with 17” props Maximum recommended take off weight 7kg Maximum payload 1200g
Operating temperature -5 C to 60 C Recommended power 6S Lipo 16.000 mah Height Limit Set
Maximum velocity 100 kmh Maximum range 25,000 m
Control Feature
Auto take off and landing
On/Off Switch safety key
GPS navigation Flight Control via touchscreen tablet
Automatic return to home
Hands off hover
Additional Accessories
Sonar device, Lidar, IR spotlight array (60m range night vision), UHF long range control systems, digital video system, safety parachute, power tethers, Megaphone crowd audio

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