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  About H Robotics
The H Robotics management team is headed by the original founders who have developed HiSightTM from first principles. They are long experienced in running and assessing global businesses across a number of sectors.
          Wayne Harburn, CEO, Wayne previously served as Global Head of Commodities Trading for multiple global firms including AIG, BNP Paribas and ABN/AMRO. He previously served as its COO in Family Office .
Wayne is an experienced investor,
Dr. Pippa Malmgren, Founder, Pippa previously served as Special Assistant to the President of the United States and served on the National Economic Council. She has spoken at a variety of industry conferences on behalf of organisations including Google, The Financial Times and Barclays. She has been named “Most Influential Woman in Tech” by several organisations. She is a best selling and award-winning author.
Peter Pereira Gray, Investor, Peter is currently a Managing Partner and Chief Executive of Investments for the Wellcome Trust, a global charitable foundation with a £25bn+ multi-asset global investment portfolio. He is part of the management team and acts as the Financial Advisor.
Riccardo Trevisan, Chief Business Officer,Riccardo
previously worked as a web designer at Google. He has specialised in the consistency of quality control when scaling up production of high-end engineered products at well established firms such as Luxottica and Confartigianato.
expert who designed and HiSightTM System.
pilot and an aeronautical built the

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