From anywhere in the world, track automated operations far beyond the line of site. The Flightcloud is a seamless workflow tool that gives senior management and local operators the ability to share information and collaborate on real time problems.

Collect data and review kinetic tasks on the fly, vastly improving the efficiency of your UAV workflow. The FlightCloud is robust enough to support live data review by many individuals simultaneously, helping to ensure that everyone stays on the same page.

Easily operate several devices simultaneously within the same platform, multiplying the functionality of your data collection. The FlightCloud exports data from all your HiSight devices within a common interface, enabling complex photogrammetry to be carried out quickly and efficiently.

Display all your data within a common interface, enabling easy compositing to help make sense of what you collect. The FlightCloud can be configured to display almost any data type you desire, and by displaying data types side-by-side, you receive a more holistic insight into your physical environment.


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