The All-in-One Drone Solution

We don't think of HiSight™ as a drone, because drones are essentially toys. HiSight™, by contrast, is an industrial tool. Unlike our competitors, we produce an integrated, end-to-end aerial intelligence solution. It allows clients to acquire, assimilate and analyse their data from anywhere at anytime, using whatever data-gathering sensors/cameras/devices and analytic software they require.

HiSight™ is therefore rugged and modular, but still intuitive. Every step was designed with the corporate user in mind.

The benefits of HiSight™

The HiSight™ is unlike any other commercial drone service on the planet. Let us show you why.


The entire HiSight™ apparatus is contained within the GCS, weighing just 21kg in total (31kg inc. battery). It is therefore easily transported as hold luggage on international flights.


The HiSight™ is designed to perform complex, repetitive tasks, so you won't worry about consumer hardware letting you down.

Secure Data Management

All your data is stored and can be accessed live from the Flightcloud, ensuring data redundancy in case of failure.

Unifying Control

The HiSight™ operates on HR Groundcontrol. Software that will allow you to operate all your autonomous vehicles. One system to control your vehicles rather than the many usually associated with a fleet.


The HiSight™ system incorporates every stage of the drone operation process, from launch to data download, eliminating the hassle of clunky integration between components.

Dedicated Support

The HiSight™ is constantly supported by a dedicated team of professionals, on-hand to adjust and re-adjust the system to your changing needs.


We are keen to connect with clients who have ideas about how to use drone technology to help their company. If you have an idea you wish to discuss, please get in touch.

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